Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Running Errands Outfit

Saw this on Polyvore and loving this casual look for the day when I want to run errands. Jeans, nude shirt and some cute boots, so easy and stylish! I'm loving this look of just throwing your hair up and still rocking this look. 

Untitled #337

Work Outfit

I am loving this top and skirt for a nice office outfit. Its sophisticated yet comfortable.  Plus, I think I am obsessed with Peplum tops because they are so flattering around my hips. I can't help but want to buy so many of these tops. I'm loving that with this outfit, you can quickly make it a night outfit by removing the blazer or keep it on and add some jewelry. Beautiful!

Work Outfit

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Girl's Got Edge!!!

Who doesn't love Gwen Stefani! I am loving this gold sequin top with bow she is wearing on this cover of Vogue.  When I am looking for an edgy outfit, she inspires me.  One of my favorite looks to wear thats cute and edgy, is the classic white tee, with my black leather jacket, dark faded jeans and some cute boots. This is something I typically wear if I'm running errands and just want to be chill but still look stylish!!   

Edgy outfit

Saturday, January 12, 2013


First things first, who doesn't love all things GLITZ! Lately, I have been getting into wearing big and bold Jewelry! Bracelets, rings, neckalces, and earrings!!!!  Jewelry makes such a difference to a blouse. Take a simple black or white tee and add a banging necklace and you just made a gorgeous chic outfit.  I always love to add a statement ring to my outfit.  I have a couple of items shown here in the picture, mostly from Express and White House Black Market.  Long necklaces look beautiful with chiffon blouses (one of my recent blogs), dresses or even a tee. 


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Love Chiffon!!

I love everything Chiffon right now! Chiffon blouses are comfortable and flowy.  They add class to any pair of pants, jeans for nighttime or work.  I think I am in love with this Chiffon red blouse. I will have to find it somewhere to go with my black jeans. I've seen these blouses on lots of celebrities lately.  I think right now every girl should have at least 1 chiffon blouse in their closet for those days when you don't feel like sucking it in lol.  They are loose and perfect for a casual chic look.  You could even dress it up with a gorgeous necklace.   

I <3 Chiffon

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Red and Black Fashion

There is something about Red and Black in an outfit that just makes a statement. I have been using these two colors a lot lately. My favorite is always the black skinny jeans and a red top. These are two colors that will look great on all women.  I even love the red booties! :-) Red is such a classic color, especially right now during the Fall/Winter, and black looks good all year long.  I recommend all ladies to have at least something red in their closet, whether it be a dress or a nice pencil skirt. A little red will always make a woman feel sexy and classy.  Who can say they don't love those classic Christian Louboutin red and black heels. 

I guess secretly I also like these colors together because they are my school colors, lol, Go Tech! 

Red and Black

Friday, January 4, 2013

Get the look: Kim Kardashian

What I love about Kim K, is her curves and everything she wears flatters her curves very well! Here are some casual and chic outfits that are easy to create by Kim K, from simple sweaters, t-shirts and blazers with heels of course! 

Get the look: Kim Kardashian
Senza titolo #332

Winged Eyeliner

Even though this is not about clothes, it's about one of my second favorite things--MAKEUP! I love this winged eyeliner look. Its glamorous and chic. You see it on many celebrities such as Angelina Jolie. This is my favorite thing to do and you can find easy tips on how to do it correctly on youtube.    

Winged Eyeliner