Thursday, March 7, 2013

Poshmark! Poshmark! Poshmark!

OK LADIES, now i don't know if everyone has heard of POSHMARK, but it is by far the best idea the fashion world has come up with. Basically you set up an account and share/sell things from your own closet that you don't use anymore, or sits in the back of your closet and you say to yourself "one day I will wear that" and you NEVER do. I know I have tons of those items, so why not try and sell them, make some $$$ and go buy what you actually want or better yet NEED! 

CLICK THE LINK, SET UP AN ACCOUNT AND EXPLORE POSHMARK!!! I have already made several purchases from here and its safer then EBAY, I feel! 

Check my closet out as I have posted a few items myself! Follow other people too! Its fun, its shopping from home with cute adorable stuff. Some stuff is new and some stuff has already been loved by others. Check it out! 

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