Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Secret Passion for Fashion

Not too many people know why I wanted to start this blog. I've had a dream to eventually open my own boutique.  Now with that being said, right now it’s unrealistic due to my husband and I consistently moving with the military.  But my love for clothes and all things fashion continues…so I decided what a better way to talk about it then in a Blog. I would get to share my favorite picks and ideas with all my friends and just talk FASHION all the time!

My husband gave me the brilliant idea of this particular question and I feel every woman should ask the same:  "If your closet were alive, what would it say?".  I was actually thinking about how I would answer this question. Now 3 years ago if I'd asked myself this  my closet would have said, bored and bland, so I decided to do a major revamping of my wardrobe. I realized that I did not have to fit to the trend, but the trend fit to me. Today, my closet now screams of colors, prints and different fits.  

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